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Ana Leib





Oil on canvas
W33 cm x H41 cm (W12.99 x H16.14 inches) 




The awesome "Miradas" has been selected as a finalist in the 3rd Toolip International Art Contest.



Through love, delicacy and feeling for art influenced by her family, she has developed his work with the aim of connecting and transmitting personal experiences in each of its collections.
Encouraged by her father figure, who was a haute couture tailor and inspiration for her through the making of unique pieces and the infinite textures in each of the fabrics, Ana Leib, enters the world of art as a pure channel of communication sensations, with which he works every day both in personal works and in commissions for customers.
A work based on the need of every human being to claim and defend their space, its silence, its calm, its security, its respect... And thus discover oneself feeling the inner energy and strength to rise again every day. A volcano of sensations that do not leave indifferent and the main focus is the connection with the message transmitted in every brushstroke of his art.
After several years where her work has evolved with her, she finds herself focused on the artistic creation of wild animals and abstract works. All of them with a unique and inspiring personality.
“To create a work is to flow, so that the brush represents the sensations that I imagine, mentally traveling to the place I want and leaving my energy between the mixtures of oil and the materials I use.”


2018 – Garraf Nautical Club. Barcelona
2018 – Aire Art Gallery. Barcelona
2018 – 2024 – GEMS Barcelona – Continuous exhibition
2018 – 2022 – Girona Drawing and Painting Fair
2021 – 2022 – Somodó Restaurant. Barcelona
2022 – Patricia Cancelo Art Gallery. Barcelona
2022 - 2023 – Mrs. Toolip Art Gallery, Barcelona
2022 – Artist Experience – International Art Fair. Madrid
2023 – FAIM ART – Independent Art Fair. Madrid
2023 – Mar Gallery – Grup Escolà. Barcelona
2023 – Finalist in the 2nd Edition of the International Toolip Art Contest
2023 – Uxval Gochez Gallery. Barcelona
2024 – Mar Gallery – Grup Escolà. Barcelona
2024 – FAIM ART – Madrid Independent Art Fair
2024 – Toolip Art Gallery – Budapest. Hungary
2024 – Finalist in the 3rd Edition of the International Toolip Art Contest



For your convenience, 27% HUNGARIAN VAT is included. If you reside outside the European Union or are exempt from VAT, please inform us.


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