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Small Big Impact : An international collective exhibition of small sized art.

Open to anyone from any country in the world. All kinds of artworks are allowed, such as drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, and digital art (AI art is not allowed).

Artists will , have their works exhibited for one month in our Prime International Location in Budapest, and be featured in the social media and press. 

DATES OF EXHIBITION: May 10th- June 10th 




​Our mission is to elevate artists by offering them a powerful platform to gain fame, wealth, excellent exposure, and world-class connections in the international art market.

The works of the artists will be published in the "Special Edition Catalogue" which will be available at our gallery and online store.


​All kinds of artworks are accepted, including digital ones.

Maximum dimensions are 40 cm height and 40 cm width. In the case of sculptures 40cm x 40cm x 40cm.


To register, participants will need to fill out a registration form provided by us. This form will contain all the necessary information needed for the registration process.


The exhibition will take place in Toolip Art Gallery Budapest.

Toolip Art Gallery in Budapest will organize the exhibition.

Toolip Art Gallery staff will choose the set-up and arrangement of works independently based on spaces and types of works. During the exhibition, the artworks will be for sale. The artist gives the gallery the right to sell and promote the artworks.until the exhibition ends. The Gallery will take a 30% commission on each sale.

With the registration, the artist takes on all responsibility for any theft or damage of the works entrusted to the Toolip Art Gallery during the entire exhibition period, including delivery.

Toolip Art Gallery will undertake management in the best way and take care of all the artworks.

The exhibition will be open to the public beginning on the inauguration day. It will remain open throughout the entire period according to the gallery's schedule (opening and closing times).

At the opening, collectors, press, art professionals, art lovers, and, of course, the artists will be invited. Top drinks will accompany the opening party.


All information about the terms and conditions of the subscription is published on the official website

To register, please complete the registration form on the official website,

Unfortunately, any subscription requests received by postal mail or email will not be considered.

Registration sent will be held on stand-by by the system until the quote is paid in the submitting form.


The administration fees are 200€ per artwork


By card, and Paypal at the end of the online registration form. ​



Pictures are loaded automatically through the registration form.

Pictures can be uploaded in the following formats: jpg or gif. Max 10 MB.

The system provides automatic resizing of frames for presentation in the preview pages.



​The artists must submit the following documents to allow the printing of the catalogue in time for the opening day:

  • High-resolution pictures of the work in jpg or png format.

All this info must be sent to:


The artists shall pay for the delivery and return of the selected works for the exhibition.

Works must arrive adequately packaged.

Special issues and arrangements regarding the installation of works at the exhibition will be addressed on a case-by-case basis between the staff of Toolip Art Gallery and the artists. 


By filling out the subscription form on the official website, the artist accepts the policy contained in this notice, including all the articles.

The artist authorizes Toolip Art Gallery to process personal data according to Hungarian law 03/2018 and subsequent amendments.

Personal data and pictures sent must be used for purposes concerning the Toolip Art Contest Participants' data and images of their works will not be sold to third parties or published for commercial purposes.

Artists are entirely responsible for the content of the pictures or text submitted for publication on the competition website and subsequently for publication in the book.

The Toolip Art Gallery reserves the right to remove any content unsuitable for the competition unless a written request by the artists is presented.


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