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Acrylic on cardboard

80 x 81.5 cm (31.49 x 32.08 inches)



Orfilio H. Canavese Chatel is a self-taught Uruguayan artist. His love for painting began in childhood. Although he never opted for academic training, he has always painted; however, after settling in Spain, he began his most systematic production.


His work is characterized by the permanent presence of the human figure treated with an elaborate palette, forcibly illuminated, from dark interiors that recall tenebrism. He sometimes recreates works by the masters he admires to build new experiences, through their faces, turned into animal skulls, as impossible as they are aesthetic.


Masks do not prevent us from recognizing the work they Hide, providing a new light that forces us to stop at the purity of the stark and solemn bone with a purely aesthetic discourse. Canavese Chatel makes up the decadence of the human. His series of disfigured faces, of naked torsos in cadaverous tones, or his works of dreamlike interior scenography have an unmistakable line.


This common thread gives coherence to the work as a whole. Currently, a tireless researcher, he is experimenting with sculpture, where the bone is once again the protagonist and is integrated into the whole work as an ornamental element of that significant theatrical effect. It is worth stopping at this artist; following his evolution, he is in total growth and still has much to contribute to art.


The series of the three paintings in this current exhibition is called “Disintegration.”


27% HUNGARIAN VAT INCLUDED. Let us know if you live outside the European Union or are exempted from paying VAT.


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