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Jurors in the previous edition

In the previous edition there where 7 jurors and selected 30 finalists from 379 artworks.

Guillermo Lorca


Guillermo Lorca García-Huidobro is a renowned Chilean figurative painter known for his realistic and hyperrealistic large-format paintings inspired by dreamlike elements. His work explores themes such as violence, sensuality, innocence, and childhood and is influenced by classical painters like Rembrandt and Diego Velázquez. Lorca has also created impressive murals and has exhibited internationally. His large-scale murals, including the 40-meter pieces in Viña Tabalí de Ovalle and Chile, showcase his figurative style and baroque influences. His exhibitions, such as Dievuska and Casita de Dulce, have received critical acclaim, and he was recognized as one of the 100 young leaders of Chile in 2010. His status as one of the most influential young artists in the world is a testament to his exceptional talent and unique perspective. His permanent exhibition at the prestigious Moco Museum in Barcelona showcases a collection of his iconic artworks, giving visitors a unique opportunity to experience the breadth and depth of his artistic talent.


Lluis Bassat is considered the best publicist of the 20th century in Spain and Latin America, awarded more than 400 times, writer of 7 bestseller advertising books, and the president of the Bassat Foundation. This private institution promotes contemporary art from Catalonia. One of the most important art collectors in Spain, with more than 2,500 artworks, he is known for his contributions to contemporary art. While primarily recognized as a successful advertising executive and the founder of an international advertising agency, the Barcelona Tourism Board commissioned him with a campaign to promote the city as a candidate for the Olympic Games. He was also appointed as communications, advertising, and image advisor to the Generalitat de Catalunya, a position he held for seven years. He became the first Spaniard to chair the Cannes International Advertising Film Festival. Bassat's passion for art immersed him in the contemporary art scene. His involvement in contemporary art has allowed him to contribute to promoting and recognizing talented artists, making him an influential figure in the art world. He has been featured several times in Forbes Magazine for his successful business ventures and contributions to the art field. He has been recognized in Forbes magazine Spain's list of the top 25 and 50 individuals in the arts industry.

Lluis Bassat
Oswald Aulèstia


Oswald Aulestia is a renowned 76-year-old Catalan artist and notorious art forger of famous artworks such as Miró, Chagall, Tàpies, Dalí, and Picasso. The FBI, Mossos d'Esquadra, and Carabinieri were involved in the "Operation Artist" case that ultimately led to Oswald's imprisonment. Oswald has gained significant recognition as a renowned artist due to his ingenious creations, which are the outcome of his relentless efforts and years of honing his art. Through his dedication and expertise, he has forged masterpieces that captivate the imaginations of art enthusiasts worldwide. His artworks are a vibrant blend of Pop Art and Neoplasticism elements, incorporating bold colors and geometric shapes. He explores the intersection between these two movements, creating visually striking pieces that capture the essence of both styles.


Alex Susanna Nadal, born in Barcelona on September 12, 1957, is a writer, cultural manager, and exhibition curator known for his roles as director of organizations such as Caixa Catalunya Foundation, Ramon Llull Institute, and Catalan Agency for Cultural Heritage. He has curated notable exhibitions of artists such as Maillol, Daniel Enkaoua, and Francesc Todó. Alex Susanna served as the director of Fundació Vila Cases. The Vila Casas Foundation is pivotal in promoting contemporary Catalan art through its five exhibition centers. These centers, which are part of the Catalan architectural heritage, showcase a permanent collection and host temporary exhibitions featuring artists from the collection. In doing so, the foundation enables the public to engage with and appreciate the vibrant art scene of Catalonia.

Àlex Susanna
Noa Omedes


Noa Omedes Bassat was born in Barcelona and grew up in an artistic environment, between painters, workshops, museums, galleries, and exhibitions. From a young age, she showed great interest and sensitivity to art.

Noa began her academic training in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. In 2017, she moved to Brussels to continue her studies and graduate from ENSAV (Ecole nationale supérieure des arts visuels de La Cambre), where she specialized in painting and photography.

After finishing her studies, she returned to Barcelona. She joined the Fundació Carmen & Luis Bassat, where she acts as the Foundation’s artistic director without abandoning her creative development and activity.

She is a highly talented contemporary artist known for her innovative approach to art. She explores mediums such as painting, sculpture, and installation art to create thought-provoking and visually engaging works. Omedes Bassat's art often addresses social and environmental issues, challenging viewers to reconsider their perspectives and engage in meaningful dialogue. With her unique vision and dedication to creating impactful art, Noa's works have been exhibited and celebrated nationally and internationally. Noa Omedes has a tremendous responsibility in the new generation of the iconic Bassat dynasty, keeping the legacy and bringing it to the next level.


Carmen Orellana Ribas worked at the Municipal Housing Board until 1967, when she began her studies in the then-new career in advertising. Once her training was completed, she joined her husband's advertising agency, playing the account executive role.

Since she was little, her parents took her to art exhibitions and galleries, a custom she maintained with her boyfriend, who later became her husband. Art has always been a part of her life, and in 1967, when things improved economically, she could afford to buy her first painting,

Starting in the seventies, Carmen and her husband's art collection grew. Today, they continue to explore galleries, fairs, and museums, and they actively work to support and promote contemporary art.

She is the co-founder of the Fundació Carmen & Lluís Bassat, where she currently acts as the vicepresident

She and her husband not only have made up a perfect couple for almost 60 years, complementing each other in their private lives, but they also almost always agree on the works they like most in the museums and galleries they visit.

Carme Orellana
Mrs. Toolip


Mrs. Toolip, the 33-year-old artist and gallerist, founded the Toolip International Art Contest to create a vast art community and foster synergies between international talents to promote and celebrate unique and diverse artistic expressions. With her love for art, she opened her art gallery in Barcelona in July 2021, where she has hosted and promoted over 800 international artists. Mrs. Toolip's experience as a juror in multiple art competitions reflects her expertise and knowledge in the field. Her leadership and participation in various panels demonstrates her commitment to evaluating and recognizing talented artists, ensuring a fair selection process.

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