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3,900 €


Oil on canvas (Framed)

30 x 80 cm (1.18 x 31.49 inch.)



The Roman Glass is a masterpiece that will fit perfectly in the best place at your home or your art collection.



Jolanda was born in a quaint old harbour town in the Netherlands. She moved to Scotland in the 1990s and became a full-time artist, starting out by learning the traditional craft of hand-coloring antiquarian maps and prints.

Thereafter, she spent a dozen years on the Continent, studying painting in the traditional techniques of the Old Masters.

Her own unique style of painting developed when she started combining these traditional techniques with a contemporary style of composition.

In 2016, Jolanda returned to Scotland and now lives in the countryside outside of Perth. Experienced in her profession, she specializes in still life paintings that are instantly recognizable by her dexterity for
depicting glass and rounded objects and the luminance of colors. Her works of art celebrate the timeless appeal of beautiful objects and fruits and vegetables, enhanced for being illuminated by the particular quality of the light in Scotland. Traditional techniques not only refer to her painting style, but also ensure the longevity of the artworks.Jolanda uses only the best quality oil paints from Old Holland and Michael Harding, and her canvasses are specially made for her in Amsterdam from the finest Belgium linen. Because she prepares them with multiple coatings of Gesso, and afterwards properly varnishes the artwork, her paintings may be passed on from thisgeneration to the next.



IPC Art College, Bochum, Germany – School for Old Master oil painting techniques, Quessoy, France – Cornelis LeMair Advanced Masterclasses, Eindhoven, Netherlands.


Paintings of Jolanda have been sold in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany.
She’s had solo exhibitions in the Netherlands and Germany prior to moving to Scotland, and participated in exhibitions in Edinburgh (Open Eye Gallery, and the Edinburgh Art Fair). Paintings of her were at the 2018 edition of the Affordable Art Fair in London and the Glasgow Art Fair at the Kelvingrove Museum.
She is represented in Dundee by Gallery Q and in Perth by Frames Gallery. More recently the Roger Billcliffe Gallery in Glasgow also accepted a few paintings of Jolanda.
Three of her paintings were entered in the Autumn 2018 exhibition of the prestigious Glasgow Art Club, of which she is an artist member.







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