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Oil and gold/copper foil on canvas

80 x 60 cm (31.49 x 23.62 inches)



Julia Tarrats was born in Gavà in 1996, a small town near Barcelona, Spain. From an early age, she was fascinated by science and art, which led her to pursue a degree in Biochemistry while also dedicating herself to painting. She consolidated her training in the Francisco Valderrama School of Fine Arts for 20 years. As an artist, she finds inspiration in the beauty of nature, which is present in many of her artworks. Her art reflects her curiosity and desire to explore new ideas.

and evolve as an individual and as an artist. Over the past years, Julia has promoted her creations through social media and participated in several collective art shows in Barcelona and Madrid. In 2023, she was selected as one of the finalists in the 1st Toolip International Art Contest.


Today, Julia has reached the next level in the recognition and promotion of her work by celebrating her first solo exhibition in Japan. In this exhibition, she showed her latest collection inspired by traditional Japanese art and the search for beauty reflected in nature.


She has been involved in projects that have made him travel throughout Spain with different formations. This artist's passion for painting is evident in her current endeavors. She is diligently working on a new collection of oil paintings, showcasing her creativity and skills. Alongside this, she actively participates in exhibitions in Barcelona.


27% HUNGARIAN VAT INCLUDED. Let us know if you live outside the European Union or are exempted from paying VAT


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