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180 x 40 cm



Eva Montoliu, a Catalan artist from Barcelona, is an experienced interior designer passionate about art and the design world. With 15 years of experience living in Brazil, she has honed her skills and expertise in creating beautiful and functional spaces.


Discovering a Love for Painting and New Forms of Expression. Inspiration from Great Artists: By alternating ateliers of great artists from Porto Alegre, she was exposed to a wide range of artistic styles and techniques. This exposure allowed her to draw inspiration from different forms of expression and incorporate them into her work.


She has exhibited several times alone: 2011 Re-readings at the Legislative Assembly of POA; 2013 RIO-BCN at Bon Sport BCN; 2015 Preto-Branco at the POA City Council, as well as collectively: 2013 Galeria Gravura (Janela, o que há nela); 2012 MiniArt Belfast /2012 MiniArt Buenos Aires/2013 MiniArt Mexico/2014 MiniArt Gramado /2014 MiniArt Porto Alegre; 2014 Walking Gallery POA; 2015 Atlantida Art; 2022 Black&White Toolip Art Gallery BCN.


Currently, back in her hometown with a change of direction in her life, she has taken up the brushes again, looking for new challenges and forms of expression, In her creative process, this artist finds inspiration in singular, emotional, and affective meanings. She explores the world of portraits, scores, magazines, and everyday objects, infusing them with her personal touch.


27% HUNGARIAN VAT INCLUDED. Let us know if you live outside the European Union or are exempted from paying VAT.


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