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112 x 93 cm

Oil on canvas



Ana Leib, a Barcelona-based oil painting artist from 1966, is known for her unique style characterized by love, delicacy, and a deep feeling for art. Influenced by her family, Leib's paintings are imbued with a sense of emotion and passion. Growing up with a father figure who was a haute couture tailor, she was inspired by his love for creating unique pieces and his expertise in working with different textures of fabrics.


She entered the world of art as a pure channel of communication, expressing the sensations she experiences every day. Whether creating personal works or working on commissions for clients, work is based on the need of every human being to claim and defend their space, silence, calm, security, and respect...


After several years of honing her craft, her work has taken a new direction, focusing on the artistic creation of wild animals and abstract works. By delving into the realm of wild animals, she captures their beauty and essence, bringing them to life on canvas.


Simultaneously, her abstract works push the boundaries of traditional art, allowing her to experiment with shapes, colors, and textures. This combination of the natural world and abstract concepts creates a unique and captivating body of work that continues to evolve alongside her artistic journey.


27% HUNGARIAN VAT INCLUDED. Let us know if you live outside the European Union or are exempted from paying VAT.


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