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Carles Graell


An exciting exhibition of great icons of the 20th century. A collection of portraits of unusual strength, among which those of Picasso, Warhol, Eastwood or Bowie stand out, among anonymous faces from all over the world that can be enjoyed and purchased from December 12 to 23, 2022.

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Born in Barcelona in 1949, Carles Graell is an artist who has dedicated most of his professional career to graphic design, originally advertising and later in the areas of packaging and corporate image, a sector in which in his long career, has achieved a recognized prestige. With an eminently artistic spirit and training, his origins were in the field of illustration and painting, plots that he never abandoned and that he has combined throughout his career with his professional responsibilities. He is currently the General Creative Director of CB'a Graell, a design agency belonging to the multinational group Bassat Ogilvy. His pictorial work is the result of years of evolution in the shadows, immersed in his stubborn obsession with finding a personal path in the interpretation of the infinite mysteries of the world of portraiture and the Human Figure.


Lluis Basat, famous publicist and friend of Carles Graells is the curator and presenter of the exhibition "HUMANITY"


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