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Light, Colours and Emotions

The mixed media paintings and collages exhibited in this exhibition are part of a creative stage with which Xitina Ferrés Zendrera invites us to realize the powerful connections between light, color and emotions.
Her passion for light and color is directly rooted in nature and, especially, in the ever-changing luminous textures of marine landscapes as specific and decisive as the Costa Brava or the Irish Sea.
This Barcelona artist works with color in depth, firmly convinced that colors. they transmit sensations, arouse emotions and influence our mood - whether we are aware of it or not. These virtues of colors - the foundation of chromotherapy - have meant that works by Xitina Ferrés Zendrera can be seen in some hospitals.
Behind each of his works there is a story, always suggested in the title. For example, Journey to Freedom (Viatge a la Llibertat, the one that illustrates this poster) reflects Xitina Ferrés Zendrera's concern for people deprived of their freedom (refugees, imprisoned, discriminated against women...). She currently lives and works in Liverpool, facing the inspiring sea of Ireland. She is a member of the Wirral Arts collective and exhibits regularly in galleries in the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain.
Graduated in Fine Arts from the Moore College of Art & Design (Philadelphia, USA), Xitina Ferrés Zendrera has collaborated as an illustrator and fashion designer with numerous textile companies in Spain and in several European countries, the States United States, China, Japan and Korea.
"I have worked in the garment industry for many years designing fashion, textiles and prints, and this has influenced my artistic creation and contributed to my personal style."
Her creations are the distillate of a family atmosphere linked to the Catalan textile industry, the sensations experienced from a very young age during long stays in Cadaqués and the frequent trips to Europe with her publisher mother, with whom he began to meet the work of great european artsists.


My early years…

I was born and raised in Barcelona, into a very creative family. My grandfather was involved in the Catalan textile industry, and my mother ran a successful publishing house, whilst my father was an accomplished poet and avid photographer.

Since I was ten years of age, I was fortunate to be able to travel through Europe, accompanying my mother on business trips to France, Germany, Holland, Italy and Switzerland and getting to know some of the great European art at an early age.

When I finished secondary school, I travelled to Philadelphia (USA) and trained for four years at Moore College of Art, where I graduated with a degree in Fine Arts.

My clients....
Included Sears, El Corte Ingles and, notably, for Barcelona-based haute couture house Roser. Internationally, I worked in Hong Kong, USA, UK, Japan, Korea and France, for companies such as Bloomingdales, Marks & Spencers, French Connection, Next, and lingerie brand Chantelle.

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