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Esther de Botton





Acrylic on canvas
W81 cm x H116 cm (W31.88 x H45.66 inches) 




The beautiful "Woman's Dream WD12" has been selected as a finalist in the 3rd Toolip International Art Contest.

The woman contemplates the world around her from her point of femininity. Curiosity, dreaming, and looking ahead are what keep her alive. Always wandering for something new on the horizon, not only on the outside but on the inside. The unknown horizon is surging, mysterious, and, at the same time, stimulating. The Woman looks out to an unknown, changing, hostile world but a harmonious world. She is passionate and serene, with her feet on the ground and anchored in her knowing sense of protective nature. Dressed in hope. Distinctively wild.  



Born in Barcelona, I am the mother of two sweet and wonderful daughters, one of them with a severe neurological disorder, which, due to circumstances, led me to manage a medical center for 14 years dedicated to the physical rehabilitation of people with neuro-motor disorders, thus being able to help these people and feel more beneficial both for this people and for my daughter. Later on, I specialized in neuro-rehabilitation techniques, giving sessions for many years, and now, as a coach, giving even artistic coaching sessions is a very enriching experience. Helping people has brought me joy and vitality, strengthened me, and given me more meaning. In November 2015, I was lucky to come across a miniature painting and creative expression atelier, which allowed me to resume contact with painting, a yearning I had since I was a child. This activity allowed me to recover my desire to improve and renew. Nature has always existed in my figurative and abstract artistic creation transformation process. It is an excellent source of inspiration as it symbolizes internal flourishing, rebirth, and the constant process of transformation. In 2021, I started a collection of paintings called Woman's Dream, finding a way to express my feelings by merging women with nature, the cosmos, and various elements, wanting to express the ability of women through the times to adapt themselves to any circumstance, to any obstacle, to the rhythm of life, maintaining the feminine essence, expressing the power to face everything in life. It is a figurative/abstract work with a surrealist tinge that is characterized by color and mixed media. The women in this Woman's Dream collection reflect the nurturing, powerful, fighting woman, always moving forward and stepping strong without renouncing her femininity in all its splendor and her dreams.


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