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Maria del Mar Castañeda





Dimensions: W135 x H130 cm
(W53 x H51 inches)

Textile installation




The genuine "To Touch 93 hours" has been selected as a finalist for the 3rd Toolip International Art Contest

Textures generate memories with every palpable experience, thus creating our memory. It is a visual and tactile element, which can be perceived in different ways. Soft, warm, silky or cool yarns that remind us of childhood hugs and produce feelings of calm. At the opposite extreme we find roughness, hardness, sensations that we avoid and that make us distance ourselves. Each yarn represents us as an individual in movement. In a world governed by sight and images through a screen and a sedentary, individualised and empty state, it is worthwhile to pay attention to contact, as lack of practice will cause this sense to atrophy and all the role it has played in the evolution of the human being and the knowledge it has gained will be lost. A way must be spun to find a balance between fluidity and structure within the same social fabric. The things we feel with our hands can remind us of the things we feel in our hearts.



Born in Almería, Spain, 1983. My family has a Crafts and Fine Arts company since the early 90s, in a small town named El Ejido, where I started to develop my artistic roots. Also I joined independent courses in ceramics, painting and fashion pattern. But my passion for fashion led me to study in 2011, Clothing Modeling at the Academy of Fine Arts of Almería. In 2013, I moved to Barcelona, to train as a Women's and Haute Couture Pattern Designer at Fashion University (LCI BARCELONA). After my academic years, I worked in small ateliers and retail in Barcelona In 2022, tired of Fast Fashion, I decided to return to my passion for craftsmanship in Textile Art. Maria del Mar Castañeda Alferez I always combined my studies whilst working in the family business, where we hold workshops on tapestry, furniture restoration, ceramics, high-temperature enamelling, oil and acrylic painting etc… In 2004, I started a Degree in Administration and Finance in Almería (IES MURGI), I began to make small tapestries at home, recycling the threads that have been almost abandoned in the family company. I have returned to this technique and opened a path of experimentation.


27% HUNGARIAN VAT INCLUDED. Let us know if you live outside the European Union or are exempted from paying VAT. 


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