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Oil painting
W73 cm x H100 cm (W28.74 x H39.37 inches) 




The awesome "The Rose of Eternity" has been selected as a WINNER in the 3rd Toolip International Art Contest.

The work, painted from life with a model, describes a female figure sitting elegantly and holding a blossomed red rose in her hands, symbolizing her beauty and delicacy.



My name is Maria Lucia Aramu, I was born in Olbia, Italy-Sardinia, in 1995. Since I was a child my passion has been drawing. I studied at the Art Academy of Cagliari, where I had the pleasure of teaching. I participated in some intensive workshops with the pastel artist Ruben Belloso, the painter Patrick Byrnes and with the watercolorists Geremia Cerri and Eudes Correia. Since September 2021 I have been studying at the Art Academy of Barcelona, where I received the scholarship as "student assistant" and "teacher assistant". I have exhibited on various occasions in Italy, in 2020, one of my works was selected for Fabriano in Acquarello. I collaborated with the “San Teodoro Jazz” event for the creation of an exhibition entitled “Identity”. From 2019 to 2021 I received the assignment from ASPO (Olbia SPA Public Services Company) to create murals for the historic center of Olbia. From 25 to 28 May 2023 I participated in "Giove Plein Air" with Italian and international artists. In 2022/2023 I exhibited in Barcelona at the "Toolip Art Gallery" and some of my works are on sale at the Altart gallery in Olbia. April 2024 I painted a mural for the “In Luce” project organized by the “Frammenti” association, from San Teodoro, Italy. I create works on private commission with watercolor, oil and murals.


For your convenience, 27% HUNGARIAN VAT is included. Please let us know if you live outside the European Union or are exempt from VAT.


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