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Natalia Wolarek





Pencil Drawing
W21 cm x H29.7 cm (W8.26 x H11.69 inches) 




The wonderful "Powerless or Powerful" has been selected as a finalist in the 3rd Toolip International Art Contest.

Perspicacious eyes shall perceive the truth of art. Perspicacious hearts shall perceive the art of deception.



I am a 26-year-old Polish artist from small town Skawina, near Kraków. As an architect and self-taught artist, I find immense passion in both architecture and art, exploring their many intersections. Traveling is a significant source of inspiration for me, and I seize every opportunity to explore new places and cultures, which continually enriches my creative perspective. My work is characterized by a meticulous attention to detail, especially when drawing people and focusing on their eyes, capturing the depth and emotion within. Committed to growth, I am always learning and developing my skills. I hope to develop my potential further and harness my skills to their fullest extent. My aspiration is to share my work with a wider audience, using my art to connect with and inspire people on a larger scale. Through dedication and continuous improvement, I aim to expand my artistic horizons and make a significant impact in the art world and share the beauty I see with many people


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