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Karl Pont





Sculpture one-of-a-kind
Dimensions: W12 x H9 x D3 cm
(W4.72 x H3.54 x D 1,18 inches)

Ceramic, acrylic paint




The amazing "Phoenix from the ashes" has been selected as a finalist for the 3rd Toolip International Art Contest


"The sculpture 'Phoenix from the Ashes' embodies the timeless symbolism of rebirth and transformation. From the dark and shattered fragments, the phoenix majestically rises, its splendid wings ablaze with a burst of embers and flames. The sculpture exudes a powerful dynamism while simultaneously conveying tranquility and sublimity. Through the skillful use of shapes and textures, the metaphor of the phoenix rising from its own ashes is vividly brought to life. The viewer is invited to be inspired by the beauty and deeper meaning of this artwork and to discover their own journey of renewal and transformation in the story of the phoenix.



"The artist, whose skill is confirmed by an impressive array of awards—including first place at the world's largest snow sculpture competition in Harbin, China in 2012, followed by second place in 2015, the Hessian state prize at the national competition for literature and art, and the audience award for the best sculpture in Perm—demonstrates a wide variety of techniques. His artistic range extends from painting, drawing, sculpture, and installations to photography and performance art.

His artworks are vivid depictions of his sensations, mixed with emotions and impressions. These forms and colors are clarified by the artist to make them visible to others. From seemingly inconspicuous things, faces, animals, people, and forms emerge, which thus become apparent to the observer. The objects no longer appear inconspicuous but, on the contrary, evoke in others the emotional states the artist experienced during their creation. Thus, the artist reveals the beauty of the inconspicuous. Karl Pont captures moments for the viewer which would otherwise be lost.

His art deals with freedom and the vastness reflected in the loss of boundaries. Free from societal constraints, free from pain, an escape from the machinery of existence. It reflects a longing for silence, inner balance, and tranquility, which are also recurring themes that move the artist."


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