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Alma Pujol





Oil on canvas
W81 cm x H116 cm (W31.88 x H45.66 inches) 




The terrific "Mother nature's son" has been selected as a finalist in the 3rd Toolip International Art Contest.

"Mother Nature's Son" is a work that references the Beatles song from the White Album. The song begins talking about the birth of a child, which I wanted to represent with a boy wrapped in plastic hugging himself, reminiscent of a baby in the womb. In this work I wanted to represent the most absolute vulnerability, which would be the fragility of a baby; the loss of sanity through insulation, which would be plastic wrap; and finally the need we have for human contact, which I have represented with a somewhat cold flat and solid background, which interacts with the figure through the transparencies that are visible and the shine. I wanted to work on it in a very direct way, so that it has a certain freshness and a certain movement within the staticity, raising the question of whether the child is going to free itself from the wrapping.



Alma Pujol Núñez, nacida en Vic, Barcelona, el 13 de julio de 1999. Graduada del programa completo de dibujo y pintura en la Barcelona Academy of Art, inició su carrera artística cursando en Vic el bachillerato artístico, modalidad plástica. En su currículum está la publicación en el catálogo Figurativas 2023; la selección de obra y publicación en el catálogo 14th Art Renewal Center Salon Competition Da Vinci Category; BAA Christmas Art market; exposición colectiva “Misnoma” Galería Mutuo Barcelona; Residencia artística KIRA en St Andrews, Canadá; obra “Nike” (proyecto final de dibujo) expuesta permanentemente en la galería de la Barcelona Academy of Art; publicación en el catálogo de Nitram en EEUU; exposición individual “Occhiolism” en Museo de la Tornería (MNACTEC) de Torelló; exposición colectiva BAA students and teachers exhibition, Toolip Art Gallery, Barcelona.



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