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Acrylic and Mixed Media
W55 cm x H71 cm (W21.65 x H27.95 inches) 




The vibrant "Menedék (Shelter)" has been selected as a finalist in the 3rd Toolip International Art Contest.

Henrik wanted to create a concentrated emotional space with the power of colors. With the abstract forms without any prior planning. He displayed an earthly and a heavenly shelter at the same time.



I was born in 1976 in Gödöllő (Hungary). I graduated from the University of Szeged in 2002 with a degree in drawing and media. I have participated in numerous domestic and foreign solo and group exhibitions. You can see my paintings in Vienna, Berlin, Rome, and Madrid, and recently, my works have been connected to the visual design of the Aleco performance of the Chicago Opera. In November 2020, I also participated in the „The Lord’s Supper in Contemporary Eyes” contest by the Evangelical National Museum. My Table painting has been added to a public collection. In October 2022, I also participated in the Szolnok Painting Day event with my work, World Creature. In October 2023, I participated in the Art Market with three of my works. Ars Poetica I am very interested in how to capture the mysticism that seeps into everyday life, which becomes noticeable if we pay attention. In people’s reality, in their everyday lives, in their joy and pain, mysticism is often manifested: just like the simplest activities possess magic power, just as the words of living speech qualify as magic words. People’s strength for life is excellent magic because magic is nothing but power. Power with which we can take strength from ourselves and the world, with which we can survive reality and magic itself. How can reality, everyday life, and mysticism be strung together? How can it appear in the same time and place in the sacred and the profane? When the tapestry of the church was torn in two, the firm boundary between man and God’s world was reevaluated and became passable. My goal is to create a painting system that includes both worlds at the same time. I connect what I have to say with spiritual content, and I allow myself great freedom and complete transition between forms of expression, techniques, and ways of painting. I want to create a synthesis of the past and the present, both spiritually and technically, while trying to build my meanings and private mythology


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