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Digital Painting, photoshop

38.71 x 18.29 cm 



Lola Yiting Zhang is a concept artist specializing in the entertainment industry. She mainly creates with Photoshop. This digital software offers her a wide range of tools and features, allowing precise and detailed image editing, and she is currently working at Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sucker Punch Productions.


Working at Sony Interactive Entertainment and Sucker Punch Productions has allowed her to collaborate with significant clients in the gaming industry, including.


Sony, Microsoft, and Netease. These collaborations have allowed her to work on various AAA game projects, including the highly acclaimed "Halo: Infinite," making her a valuable asset to any team or project she is involved in.


After earning her degree from ArtCenter College of Design, Lola has continued to hone her craft and gain recognition in the entertainment industry for her unique designs. Lola's distinctive designs have been acknowledged and celebrated throughout her career with numerous design awards and exhibitions.


She has also been invited by significant industry events, workshops, and art colleges as an industry expert to talk about her design process and technique, a testament to her expertise and reputation in the field. In addition to her creative pursuits, she is a committed instructor, sharing her expertise with aspiring students and professionals in the entertainment industry.


27% HUNGARIAN VAT INCLUDED. Let us know if you live outside the European Union or are exempted from paying VAT.


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