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Wood & acrylic

From the Looney Jigsaw Puzzle Collection 2021

120 X 340 ( 75 + 70 + 110 + 85 ) X 1.5 cm

Ready to Hang Wooden jigsaw-shaped

Love Pop Art Painting


The Last Piece of the Puzzle is an extraordinary and huge artwork made by Myriam Besri. Let us introduce you who is Myriam Besri.


Myriam, started her career as a model in the 90s, working for fashion designers like Sonia Rykiel, Azzedine Alaïa, Dior, and La Perla. She gained quick recognition and became known for her striking presence on the runway. However, while she loved the beauty and artistry of the fashion industry, she also felt a sense of superficiality and excess that left her wanting more such as building a family.


 After several years in the fashion world, Myriam decided to shift her focus to interior design. She studied the field and began building a career that offered her the stability and creative fulfilment she craved. However, she never lost her passion for art, and continued to explore new mediums and styles in her spare time.


Myriam's artistic journey is one that has taken her from using wood and canvas to even creating wearable art like bags and clothing items. Unlike some, she's not the result of years of formal art training, but rather someone who just has a natural knack for creativity.


 It all started as a hobby, a way for Myriam to express herself without the confines of any rules or restrictions. With no prior experience in the art field, she's a true self-taught artist who has learned everything from scratch.


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