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Acrylic on canvas
W81 cm x H100 cm (W31.88 x H39.37 inches)  




The awesome "Icy Waterfall" has been selected as a finalist in the 3rd Toolip International Art Contest.

This artwork represents winter and, with it, all the lived experiences and let them flow as the technique used in the artwork.



I studied history and window dressing in Bilbao, Vizcaya. My mother and uncle painted. There were always colors, stains, and disorder in those spaces. I loved it! My grandfather, a historian, instilled in me the idea of writing a diary. Let's say I did it with letters and drawings. Thus, I have mixed the two main influences in my life. It is a way of expressing myself but without sharing it, always in privacy. I decided to change that, and nowadays, these diaries are the canvases. With whom I express my inspiration in nature, animals, and my moods.

As for the technique, I am always innovating. I love textures and see how they act with each other with paint, especially acrylic and oil. I also use ink, even watercolor. It is gratifying to wait to see how all these elements act together in a picture without having total control.


For your convenience, 27% HUNGARIAN VAT is included. Please let us know if you live outside the European Union or are exempt from VAT.


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