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Original painting on canvas

Mixed media 

195 x 130 cm (76.77 x 51.18 inch.)



I am happy to announce that I am donating this spectacular original Pop Art artwork I made about the iconic middle finger from Melissa Lively to the infamous Dr Anthony Fauci.

The artwork contains historical and original NY Times , Washington Post & other MSM articles from the Covid hysteria times.

Requirements to receive the painting:
- To be an U.S citizen and donate 11,600 US$ to the @realdonaldtrump official campaign:*l67wus*_gcl_au*OTg0OTk3MjYwLjE3MDk4MDgxOTA.&_ga=2.200533998.1945258020.1710882094-1516990880.1709808190 

- Proof that you have donated the 11,600$ from today on!

The artwork selling price is 20,000€, but since the official website of the 47th does not allow individuals to donate more than $11,600, I decided to donate the artwork for the maximum donation possible.


However if you decide to buy it from us, we will spend 11,600 euro in official DONALD TRUMP merchandising and give it away in the gallery. 

Shipping is not included. Ready to be picked up at Toolip Art Gallery in Budapest, Hungary or to ship it worldwide with a previous agreement to the donator to the Donald Trump Campaign

For more info do not hesitate to contact us.

I AM THE AMERICAN DREAM (Original artwork)

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