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Ana Lida Diaz





Acrylic on Canvas
W82 cm x H65 cm (W32.28 x H25.59 inches)  




The apetizing "Harvest" has arrived from Panama and is exclusive available at the Toolip Art Gallery in Budapest




Ana Lida Diaz was born in Panama in 1968. Since she was a child, she loved to draw and paint. She received her first painting lessons from her architect and watercolorist father. Later, she took four years of classes with two renowned Panamanian artists, using different techniques.


Over the years, acrylic became her preferred medium. Her career began in 1982 and has led her to participate in multiple collective and solo exhibitions in Panama and abroad.


The variety of adjectives that can be used to tell the stories of her body of work is as diverse as the techniques she masters and the topics she has explored, ranging from the timeless charcoal, elegant pastel, and elusive watercolor to modern acrylic and classic oil; techniques with which she has portrayed the human figure, serene landscapes, the ancient facades of the Old Quarter overflowing with bougainvillea, and objects that play with volumes, reflections, and movement with absolute skill.

Since 2009, her work has been evolving. It stands out for the combination of the subtle simplicity of a sober composition with the abundant attention to realistic detail that is no longer common but which the artist rescues through the intelligent use of color, light, and shadows.



As an artist, I seek to transcend the mere representation of everyday objects and delve into the realm of sensory perception.


I aspire to create an emotional resonance, immersing the observer into the captivating realm of sensory experience.


In such a manner, they feel motivated to explore, question, and experiment. These sensations transcend the visual realm's bounds into an entity generated by the fascinating symphony of colors and forms.

I meticulously strive in the artistic process to challenge the senses, prompting them to reach out and touch the canvas, attempting to feel the very essence of the represented elements.
At the core of my creative journey, each brushstroke is a deliberate stroke of magic.

Intentionally, I strive to capture the essence of objects and evoke an emotional response in the observer through the deliberate manipulation of light and shadow, weaving narratives that transcend the limits of the two-dimensional, intensifying the viewer's curiosity and compelling them to engage on both physical and emotional levels.

Ultimately, my paintings are an invitation to embrace the power of perception, to recognize the inherent beauty in the world around us, and to enter the enigmatic world of sensory delight.


My aspiration is to awaken curiosity within the observer, encouraging them to question the limits of reality and embark on a transformative exploration of their own senses, transcending the ordinary to the extraordinary, unraveling the captivating mysteries lying
within each object through my artwork.


For your convenience, 27% HUNGARIAN VAT is included. Please inform us if you reside outside the European Union or are exempt from VAT.


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