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Oriane Meurant





Sculpture 3 OF 8 
Dimensions: W22 x H68 x D28 cm
(W8.66 x H26.77 x D 11,02 inches)

Clay modelling, casting in resin




The stunning "From ashes" has been selected as a finalist for the 3rd Toolip International Art Contest

We all experience situations that put us down. And like the Phoenix, we must be reborn from our ashes. Life is about changes & evolution, healing & growing. Life is a constant challenge, and fighting the darkness and finding the light is difficult.


The snake is the symbol of mutation and regeneration. It is also an allegory of our inner wisdom, self-love, and feminity, often neglected for the masculine values of the Occidental World. The feminine power is needed to expand its unconditional love into everyone's hearts



My name is Oriane Meurant. I am a sculptor artist from France. Coming from the electronic engineering world, I decided to go out of this way to make my passion for sculpture my profession. Thus, after specialized training in Sculpture at the School of Ceramic Arts in Tours (France), as well as studies in Academic Sculpture and Drawing at the Barcelona Academy of Arts (BAA - Spain), I was able to acquire the necessary tools to realize myself as a figurative sculptor. My studio is based in Barcelona, in Spain. Since always, I have had a fascination for the human body through which you can express so much. It’s a source of inspiration, that’s why I model essentially bodies or fragments of the human body which serve me as a medium and are a pretext to embody ideas, thoughts and feelings through a strange and dreamlike universe which is mine. In parallel with the realization of my personal projects, I try to acquire more skills and experiences through art residencies and works alongside artists, all around the world. For example, I had the opportunity to assist artists like Benjamin Victor in Boise (USA), to work on a commission with Silvia Juez Linares, director of the sculpture department of BAA in Barcelona (Spain), or to do an art residency with Alfredo Araújo Santoyo in Bogotá (Colombia). Also, I had the opportunity to exhibit my work in some great salons and galleries like “Figurativas 2021” in the Modern Art of Europe Museum (MEAM), “Asomate” in Punt de Vistes 360 Gallery, “Wild and Tame” with MISNōMA, in the Mutuo Gallery in Barcelona (Spain) but as well TramuntanArt 2023 in El Port de la Selva (Spain) or the Salon d’Automne 2024 in Paris (France). Moreover, I got the honor to receive some awards from the Art Renewal Center (ARC Salon), like the Honorable Mention for the sculpture “Aurora” or being finalist like with “Alea Jacta Est” in the ARC Salon 2023. 


27% HUNGARIAN VAT INCLUDED. Let us know if you live outside the European Union or are exempted from paying VAT. 


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