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Mixed Media on canvas

80 x 80 cm



Mariàngel Beltran Messa a.k.a "Mankel" is

the daughter and sister of painters, she has always been surrounded by paintings and pictures. From a young age, she often saw herself in the middle of these captivating artworks, becoming a living part of the creative process. I studied at the Escola Superior d'Art Massana, Barcelona, for six years and revalidated with the specialty of fresco painting. She has actively taken part in both collective and individual exhibitions.


in Catalonia. This has allowed her to showcase her artwork to a broader audience and gain recognition in the local art scene. In addition to oil, watercolor, and acrylic painting, she has ventured into the world of drypoint engravings.

This artistic technique involves incising an image onto a plate using a hard-pointed needle or other sharp object.

The plate is then inked and pressed onto paper, creating a unique and detailed print. This specialty was learned with private teachers. “My vocation has been painting.” I love the color! It brings out the palette diversity of tones.”




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