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Han Yang





Analogue Photography/ Handprint
Dimensions: W50 x H70
(W19.68 x H27.55 inches)




The extraordinary "Fetish Animal"  has been selected as a finalist for the 3rd Toolip International Art Contest

Lovely animals are always shaped by an expected feeling of tenderness or motherhood. They carry an aesthetic that mobilizes proprietary desires, a unique 'feminine' proprietary desire that equates to a moral emotion: the desire to care, cherish, andprotect. Furry and malleable in appearance, animals like these inhabit a soothing tactile world where there are no sharp bits or abrasive materials, but where everything is conveniently soft-sculpted to yield to our eager squeezing and cuddling. The aesthetics of animal loveliness create a world of still objects and seductive appearances, putting themselves at the mercy of human interaction entirely through the senses. Our compulsive groping even constitutes what might be called cuteness, given the intense physicality of our response to their helpless sluggishness.



Han Yang is a visual artist, fine art photographer and creative director. Han graduated with distinction from MA Fashion Photography at London college of Fashion, University of the Arts London. Currently she is studying for a PhD in arts and humanities faculty at King’s College London. The majority of her artistic works center on themes of femininity, the human body, gender, and technology and are visually represented through the use of oriental metaphors. The present research conducted by the individual focuses on posthuman studies, specifically examining gender within photography from a nonhuman perspective. Combined with abstract and surreal elements, her work has strong visual appeal, rich and delicate emotions. She grasps at emotion and psychology in her work, embodying the inner world of the characters she depicts through unique fashion visual language. She has won SONY young photographer award, Nikon Cup, Qaidam Cup and Gold Award in World’s Top 10 Women Photographers Contest


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