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Darian Levey





Dimensions: W135 x H130 cm
(W53 x H51 inches)

Textile installation




The spectacular "Evolution through Revolution" has been selected as a finalist for the 3rd Toolip International Art Contest

For too long, Western society has maintained the misconception that humans are separate from our environment. This belief is evident through urbanization, consumerism, and prioritizing technological progress over ecological awareness, resulting in unsustainable practices and environmental degradation. Evolution Through Revolution challenges this narrative by highlighting the fundamental truth that everything in our universe is entirely interconnected. Coral has been the central focus of this project because, as an indicator species, it visually reveals the global destruction caused by this harmful misconception. The contrast between the vibrant fabrics of the healthy, thriving coral and the desaturated, concrete-covered dying coral mimics the current decline of our reefs and creates a bleak effect. I’ve arranged the coral in a Mandala pattern as the design symbolizes interconnectedness and regeneration held in its center. On an elemental level, coral is calcium carbonate, which is the same element found in concrete with a high limestone content. Through the transformative use of materials like concrete, reclaimed textiles, and dead coral, this piece honors nature's ability to regenerate. If we listen further to the wisdom of coral, we will learn that resilience and adaptability is inherent to life.



Darian Levey is an interdiciplinary artist who creates sculptures, performances, and installations influenced by the wisdom of the natural world and its sustainable architecture. 


She is interested engaging with materials that are in excess or are considered waste, as well as considering how her projects can be a force for remediation. 


Her work has been shown in group shows and galleries in Los Angeles, CA, and Portland, OR. 

Having recently graduated with an undergraduate degree in Studio Arts from Lewis & Clark College of Arts and Sciences, Darian is a young artist eagerly looking forward at establishing her professional career.


27% HUNGARIAN VAT INCLUDED. Let us know if you live outside the European Union or are exempted from paying VAT. 


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