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90 x 120 cm



Sofia Neri is a versatile and multifaceted artist, open to exchanging knowledge and understanding between people. Her humanity is rooted in her mother, a dancer and pedagogue pupil of the famous Rosalia Chladek, and her father, a psychologist, and scholar. She is a pianist, dancer, and composer; in the past, she also studied the violin and has a great passion and propensity for photography. She has completed classical studies and a profound course of study in the branch of



Her life is a continuous search for the expression and sharing of the soul and self. She performs in numerous concerts and shows where her pianism takes on its light with a passion for the velvety touch that manages to move from the percussive tones typical of the piano to sophisticated sounds where the piano strings seem to be driven by the delicacy of a bow.


Sofia is a composer; she loves extreme harmonic research, and her music is always rich in content and references to philosophical logic and thought. Her passion for photography stems from an instinct to look at the world, nature, and art with a different, multifaceted eye. Hence, the ability to take pictures creates a mystical and philosophical effect from observing nature or architectural views or the movements of dancers.


She has exhibited her works in Brusino Arsizio in Switzerland and projected them in multimedia installations at her concerts.


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