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Acrylic paint, paper. Layering
W70 cm x H50 cm (W27.55 x H19.68 inches) 




The fantastic "Behind the Crimson Door" has been selected as a finalist in the 3rd Toolip International Art Contest.

The duality. The fight between Apollo, a man with a gun, and Dionysus, a man with a sacral pyramid. Both of them represent 2 aspects of a human being: the rational, the pragmatic, and the narcissistic one as Apollo, and the wild, the imaginative, and the sensual one as Dionysus. Both of them represent different ways of human knowledge: senses (snakes of Dionysus, and critical thinking (book next to Apollo). The crimson door is the portal between 2 realities: the inner world of visions and the big city world of ambitions. The woman in Dionysus's hands is escaping from the big city to the inner world to restore herself and become closer to nature again. The painting reflects the personal love drama of an artist who was"headshot" by a real man and saved "in the arms" of inner resources. The 2 men also reflect a fight between 2 parts of identity in the artist herself.



Hi, Here is my biography: Polina Kovaleva (artistic name PUMA) is a Russian self-made artist. Her first art studies she took in the small city of Gatchina at the primary Ushinskogo gymnasium at the age of 10. During her school years, she participated in different regional art contests, where she discovered her love for bright colors and gouache. Unfortunately, due to the financial difficulties her family was going through, she couldn’t afford professional art courses to develop her skills. She continued learning painting techniques by herself while she was working as an economist to make ends meet. Later, in 2019, she began publishing her paintings on social media and found a new passion… acrylic paints, which she uses in her present artworks. In her paintings, PUMA explores her unconscious and different psychological archetypes of men and women, and she admires the colors of nature and different cultures.


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