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Acrylic on canvas
W110 cm x H160 cm (W43.30 x H62.99 inches) 




The terrific "Albin Animal" has been selected as a finalist in the 3rd Toolip International Art Contest.

the work represents something unique in everyone you know. A unique animal is hidden. it is a reference to the difference between different genders, and nationalities, and my joining technique connects all relationships and emotions into one positively perceived whole, just as we humans should unite and not divide.



Natália Junasová is a young (1990) Slovak artist from Partizánske. Already in her childhood, you could notice a significant artistic talent and an extraordinary child's imagination. In the years 2005 – 2010, she studied applied painting at the Dezider Kardoš Private Conservatory of Applied Art in Topoľčany, and then at the same school, she completed vocational training in the field of Promotional Art, manual textile processing. Her paintings have a high degree of artistic abstraction, which she achieves with the help of the outlines of simplified objects created mainly from linear strokes and strong colors. In his works, according to his own words, he investigates microbiological relationships, the functioning of various phenomena in the world around him, he devotes himself to old cultures and their legacy while observing natural human curiosity. He does not shy away from exploring the consumer society and social relations in it, and emotions in their elementary form. Its goal is to arouse reflection on serious questions with the help of positive emotions. I connect seemingly unrelated relationships and emotions with a kind of network into one positively perceived whole, because art is a gift to see the world through different eyes. I connect the male-female part into one positively perceived whole because humanity should unite and not divide, the networks I create in my works are like grasping something, grabbing and keeping those emotions for myself and at the same time weaving this idea into others. Don't look for differences and otherness as something that doesn't belong in this society, but bring harmony and break the nets for understanding towards other opinions, religion or sexuality. Certificates and exhibitions: Luxembourg art prize 2022 Biennale Prešov Slovakia 2022 Doodle art prize 2023 Khula Aasmaan India 2023 Biafarin GAP2023 Canada Biafarin Abstract Zone 2023 Canada Itliquid international art fair Venice Italy Visions 2023 Itsliquid Border and fair and hybrid identities Venice Italy 2023 Galerium art Prize 2023 Canada Doncester art fair 2023 England Solo: Galeria Hlavina Slovakia 2023/Krasohlad/January Galeria Veža na Kamzík Slovakia, Bratislava 2023 Pepsi Space select artist 2023 Private Collection Film Museum and Heritage Film Festival Romania2023 Art Gallery Passage Bratislava Slovakia 2023 Art Box Miami 4.0 USA Switzerland Platform 2023 Ann Sun Gallery Extraterrestrial art Exhibition USA, 2023 Sfumato Art Gallery, Online ART Competition 2023 New York The Alchemical Art: PAX, Australia, Melbourne 2023 Chinwe Russell Auction Home England 2023-2024 Luxembourg Art Prize Certificate of Artistic Achievement 2023 GOLDEN Rooster Galleries January PRAGUE Czech Republic 2024 Los Angeles Meta U Art February 2024 METAUART 1.PLACE 2024 exhibitions NEW YORK, LOS ANGELES, SAN FRANCISCO and Global Platform ARTSY Golden Duck Gallery Budapest /Hungary/ February ART DECO 2024 Winner Sfumato Art Gallery New York Solo Exhibition February 2024 Since January, I have been cooperating with the Prague auction house Obrazi in the 2024 auction CentroNitra 2024 Solo Exhibition Slovakia March2024 New York Winner TOP 60 masters World 2024 Oscars in art ceremony and acceptance of the award. June 22, 2024 My work will be shown on the screens of New York Time Square on June 23, 2024 2025 Collaboration with the fashion brand Medicine exhibition On the water castle in Štítnik Slovakia 2024 may


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