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Pay Day

Pay day by Tess Dribbel is an exhibition about the past of Tess Dribbel, a dark past, she is a survivor of a hidden pedophile case that spanned three decades. By shedding light on the abuse she endured, she is not only seeking justice for herself but also raising awareness about a disturbing reality that often remains unexposed. Her courage will hopefully empower others to share their stories, help break the silence, and contribute to preventing such heinous acts from happening in the future. She issurvivor of a violent child abuse network led by her own father.The horrors that she and other victims endured are unimaginable and deeply traumatic. The physical and emotional pain inflicted upon them is a stark reminder of the depths of human cruelty. It is crucial that we as a society acknowledge and support survivors in their healing journey, while also taking strong measures to prevent such atrocities from happening again.. She bravely shares her experience, highlighting how the abuse took place in churches and involved disturbing rituals. Dribbel's escape and subsequent life in hiding under protection for the past three decades reflects the fear and trauma she still carries. Through painting, she has found a means of therapy and expression to overcome the horrors she endured.It is essential that stories like Dribbel's are heard to shed light on the dark realities of child abuse and the need for justice and support for survivors.



Tess Dribbel (pseudonym)

Born in the Netherlands.

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